ISO Code to Support Android Localization

Here is list of ISO code which will help you to localize your app, value folder must be defined under,

Follow this link for complete Tutorial to develop a multi-language support application.
click here

Click here to know, how to develop an android app that supports multiple languages.

GitHub link to download source code for free.

Download full source code to download the demo app which supports multiple languages(English, Hindi, German, French)

Here is the list:-

Language Locale values/strings.xml
Dutch nl values-nl/strings.xml
French fr values-fr/strings.xml
Italian it values-it/strings.xml
Japanese ja values-ja/strings.xml
Korean ko values-ko/strings.xml
Polish pl values-pl/strings.xml
Russian ru values-ru/strings.xml
Spanish es values-es/strings.xml
Arabic ar values-ar/strings.xml
Bulgarian bg values-bg/strings.xml
Catalan ca values-ca/strings.xml
Croatian hr values-hr/strings.xml
Danish da values-da/strings.xml
Finnish fi values-fi/strings.xml
Greek el values-el/strings.xml
Hebrew iw values-iw/strings.xml
Hindi hi values-hi/strings.xml
Hungarian hu values-hu/strings.xml
Indonesian in values-in/strings.xml
Latvian lv values-lv/strings.xml
Lithuanian lt values-lt/strings.xml
Norwegian nb values-nb/strings.xml
Portuguese pt values-pt/strings.xml
Romanian ro values-ro/strings.xml
Serbian sr values-sr/strings.xml
Slovak sk values-sk/strings.xml
Slovenian sl values-sl/strings.xml
Swedish sv values-sv/strings.xml
Tagalog tl values-tl/strings.xml
Thai th values-th/strings.xml
Turkish tr values-tr/strings.xml
Ukrainian uk values-uk/strings.xml
Vietnamese vi values-vi/strings.xml
German de values-de/strings.xml
Chinese zh values-zh/strings.xml
Czech cs values-cs/strings.xml

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