Top 15 Android Studio Plugins

Android Studio one of the very popular and everyone's favorite IDE Built by JetBrains that has everything we need to develop any type of android application, from high scale to personal use app, you can make any android application.

What is Android studio plugins:-

Android Studio plugins stretch out or add more flexibility and functionality to the Android Studio IDE. plugins can be written in Kotlin or Java, or a blend of both, and are made utilizing IntelliJ IDEA and the IntelliJ Platform. ... When finished, plugins can be bundled and circulated at

Why we have to use Plugins:-
with the help of plugins, we can work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

I'll write about the top 15 android studio plugins, 
here are the first 5 from them, rest will cover in the next article.

1- FCM Push Sender

One of my favorite plugin, FCM Push Sender.
now if you want to send a push notification, you have to come firebase console.
but there is an awesome plugin,
Setting the Registration Id of Firebase, We can directly send the push notification from android studio with the help of this plugin.
FCM Push Sender plugin can also find firebase Registration ID automatically, the plugin searches the Firebase Registration id token in-app shared preferences using a Stetho dumpapp plugin.

2- Nyan Progress

When developing an android application, some time we all are very frustrated specially Gradle build and rebuild is very tough task, and it's going to much heavier when it takes endless time.
here is a plugin that will give you company by changing the view of build Gradle animation.
Nyan Progress plugin will give you a color full progress bar which will make the wait time a little bit easy. just enjoy the color full animated progress bar.
Colorful Gradle progress bar by Nyan Progress

3- Name That Color

We all have a same problem with the color name, especially with the color shade.
no one can remember the color name, so it's a big headache for the developers.

But now get rid of this headache, we have an awsome plugin who will identify the color name.
you just have to copy-paste your color hex code in the color resource file, under res-->color.xml.
and the plugin will suggest the closest color name of that hex code.

4- Key Promoter X
Key Promoter X plugin is owned by IntelliJ IDE to help the developers to know and remember the shortcut keys while working.
When you move the mouse inside the IDE and put it any option, immediately a dialog prompted with the shortcut key which you can use in place of clicking mouse.
it will also show the previous shortcut key where you move the mouse previously.  

5- Gradle Killer

Sometimes you have to need to start your Gradle again or shut down the Gradle immediately.
for this you have two options, either run the ps command or end java.exe in task manager.
they are very native, now we have a plugin which will add a kill Gradle icon in the run menu of android studio, you just have to click that icon, and the rest of the task has been done itself.

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