Android Studio 4.0 features

Android, with a huge amount of daily users,
and what I think that the main reason behind the massive user strength is its millions of application on play store, for every age group.

there are millions of developers who currently working on many application as well, 

The developers and engineer who developed Android Studio to make thing easy in application development,
they also had given updates in android studio, which will help developers to develop applications in an easy way.

In this way here is the latest update of the android studio in the form of android studio 4.0.
You can download this version of android studio from here,
 and if you have already any existing android studio, you can just update your studio.

Features of Android Studio 4.0:-

  1. New Motion Editor
  2. Live Layout Inspector
  3. Build Speed Window
  4. Multi Preview For Your Layout
  5. Support for Kotlin DSL script file
  6. Smart editor for R8 rules

New Motion Editor:-

The MotionLayout API broadens the rich abilities of ConstraintLayout to help Android engineers oversee complex movement and gadget liveliness in their applications. It's currently simpler to utilize this API with the new Motion Editor — an interface for making, altering, and seeing MotionLayout movements. You no longer need to make and alter complex XML documents; the Motion Editor creates them for you, with help for altering requirement sets, changes, keyframes, and see traits. On the off chance that you would like to see the code the editorial manager makes, it is a single tick away. For engineers previously utilizing ConstraintLayout, the IDE can without much of a stretch proselyte those to MotionLayout.

Live Layout Inspector:-

Research where an incentive for a specific quality originated from or see a live 3D portrayal of nested views to review your view progressive system. The Layout Inspector gives you access to information that stays refreshed with your running application and giving bits of knowledge on how assets are being settled. Utilize the live Layout Inspector by choosing View > Tool Windows > Layout Inspector from the main menu. On the off chance that you are sending to a gadget running API 29 level or higher, you approach extra highlights, for example, a unique format chain of command that refreshes as perspectives change, point by point see traits that additionally assist you with deciding how asset esteems are settled, and a live 3D model of your running application's UI. Explore, quicken, and progress between sees on your running application while having the option to investigate your UI.

Build Analyzer:-

Obsolete or misconfigured undertakings can cause longer form times that lead to dissatisfaction and lost efficiency. The Build Analyzer assists designers with comprehension and address bottlenecks in your work by featuring the modules and undertakings that are generally answerable for your general form time and by recommending steps to relieve relapses.

The Android Gradle module has worked in help for current libraries, for example, information official and view authoritative, and assemble highlights, for example, auto-created BuildConfig classes. Be that as it may, you probably won't need these libraries and highlights for each task. You would now be able to cripple discrete form highlights, which can help improve construct execution for bigger ventures.

Multi Preview for your Layout:-

At the point when you're producing for numerous structure factors, screen sizes, and goals, you have to confirm that transforms you make to your UI look incredible on each screen you support. With the Layout Validation window, you can see designs on various screens and arrangements at the same time. To begin, click on the Layout Validation tab in the upper right corner of the IDE.

Support for Kotlin DSL script file:-

Worked in help for Kotlin DSL build script file (*.kts) implies that Kotlin build script offers a full set-up of handy solutions and is upheld by the Project Structure discourse. Google will keep on refining the Android Gradle Plugin's DSL API all through the following year, which may bring about breaking API changes for Kotlin script clients. Long haul, these fixes will make for an increasingly informal, simple to-utilize DSL for Kotlin script clients.

Smart Editor for R8 Rules:-

R8 was presented in the Android Gradle module 3.4.0 to consolidate desugaring, contracting, muddling, enhancing, and indexing — bringing about recognizable form execution enhancements. When making rules documents for R8, Android Studio currently gives brilliant supervisor highlights, for example, a linguistic structure featuring, culmination, and blunder checking. The editorial manager additionally coordinates with your Android task to give full image fulfillment to all classes, strategies, and fields and incorporates the brisk route and refactoring.

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