Spring Boot: The Tomcat connector configured to listen on port 8080 failed to start

I meet with a similar issue when the webserver visit is busy, 
so your server socket may have TIME_WAIT state, 
in this case, 
the tomcat-embedded-server in spring boot can't bind this port because 
SO_REUSEADDR is not set to true

there is a similar issue for that- 
  • Spring Boot application in eclipse, the Tomcat connector configured to listen on port XXXX failed to start

  • Protocol handler start failed
  • Spring Boot Issue while Running the Spring Boot APP

Solutions:-  there are multiple solutions, 
so getting to know what exactly your issue is not so easy,
here is more than one solution, 
Hit and try which one works for you.


so my solution is to use Jetty in spring boot, you can change your pom.xml


  if the above one not working, try from below solution

goto task manager -> processes and end Java(TM) Platform SE binary
processes (this will stop tomcat) and run your spring boot application 
On the console, looking at the topmost right side of the dialog you 
should see a red button kinda like a buzzer. To stop the spring boot 
application properly you just ran, go ahead and hit this particular 
"red" button and your problem is solved. Hope this helps!

here is some more solution-
  1. Find the process ID (PID) for the port (e.g.: 8080)

    On Windows:

    netstat -ao | find "8080"

    Other Platforms other than windows :

    lsof -i:8080
  2. Kill the process ID you found (e.g.: 20712)

    On Windows:

    Taskkill /PID  20712 /F

    Other Platforms other than windows :

    kill -9 20712   or kill 20712

Another easy way of solving this error is right-clicking in the console and click on Terminate/Disconnect All. Afterward, run the application it should work fine.


On Ubuntu, you can use "ps aux | grep java" 

to find the process and "kill -9 PID_NUMBER" to kill the process.


If you're using a Spring boot application, go to application.properties and add this:

server.port = 8081

 In case your app is run on https, 
make sure you put right values
under the following properties:

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