Technologies you have to learn and improve your skill set in this Quarantine

The previous scarcely any months have been troublesome, most definitely. if that you are lucky, the cost it has taken has been reasonable. Still, it has been terrifying to watch this pandemic unfurl, and the plentiful leisure time to sit and consider it has not made it any simpler.  I have thought that it was useful to invest a portion of the over the top available time I end up with investigating.

So utilizing your time by learning some top-level technical skills will help to grow in your career.

So lets deep dive in some trending technical skill, that you should have to learn.

1- Firebase:-

Firebase, Google tools is just simply amazing.

Firebase is a Google item that gives consistent, durable, and powerful answers for everything from confirmation (counting social and passwordless logins) to analytics, databases, container, hosting, facilitating, user management, etc. The entirety of this can be effortlessly gotten to and overseen from a solitary dashboard and accompanies intensive documentation for execution. It basically gives all that you have to build a safe and prepared application.


2- Docker:-

Seeing as all signs are highlighting container as the eventual fate of advancement and organization, Docker is an easy decision for this rundown. I will be forthright with you, however — Docker can be an absolute torment to set up. Yet, I guarantee that it is justified, despite all the trouble. but if you have ever worked over your most recent application, tuning everything about the capacity to be simply thus, just to convey and have the construct fall flat, then containers are for you.

If you are thinking about the container, 
there are two things will be in your mind
  1. Consistency
  2. Scalability
And the beautiful docker is proving yourself in this.

3- Learn how to Structured Code

This quarantine period you have enough time to increase skillset, You can start with Doing structured code.
Before start coding gives some time and thinks about it.
there is one famous quote's " Think twice and code once"

Follow this quote, it will surely help to do structured code.


4- SQL:-

SQL as the name suggested (Structured Query Language), is a relational database, reading, writing, or updating with this we have to write some SQL queries.

But nowadays writing SQL queries is not necessary, as many of the popular frameworks are available,
they abstract the SQL queries, for example- Ruby on Rails, Python's Django, etc.

But in my opinion, if you are a beginner you far have to go with writing SQL queries, it will help to understand how the frameworks work.


5- Design Patterns:-

Very Important to become a sound software developer.
design pattern will increase the readability and maintainability of the code.


6- Architecture Pattern:-

So if you are an app developer and building an application, it is very important that you should have to follow some architecture pattern.

There are many architecture patterns and you can use any of them.
Found here and decide architecture application for your app.


7- Dagger:-

Dagger is a beautiful compile-time, open-source framework for dependency injection for android and java developer.
There are so many dependency injections is available in market, but dagger in unique one.

The beauty of the dagger is its compile-time analysis.
Dagger uses no reflection, and no run time byte code generation, it doing all analysis on compile time.
it is becoming very popular among all the DI.

If you are an android or java developer you must have to brief understanding of DI and Dagger.



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