Android Interview Question for Fresher

Interview question for Fresher Android Developer:

                                Android Interview Question

If you are going for an android developer position, well prepare Core java concept as you can.

They will start with the core java concept, and this round will decide that you are going in further round or not.
Actually, core java plays a key role in the Android developer role.

***Core Java:***
  • What are class and object (prepare some real-life example of class and object, when they ask to answer tell them to answer and after that give them this real-life example as well )
  • OOPS
  • overloading
  • overriding
  • polymorphism
  • dynamic or run time polymorphism
  • static or compile-time polymorphism
  • try to do some overriding and overloading example(this will help you)
  • try to override non-static and static methods both and understand the difference between them(static method can not be overridden but the try to check your knowledge)
  • Inheritance
  • why java has not supported multiple inheritances
  • how to achieve multiple inheritances in java or what is the alternative of multiple inheritances in java.
  • Interface (be prepared about all the properties and behavior what Interface have)
  • Exception Handling
  • try-catch scenario (try with single catch, try with multiple catches, try-catch-finally, etc )
  • Final, Finally, Finalize(must know)
  • throw, throws
  • Multithreading in java
  • How to create a Thread
  • Runnable And Thread
  • String manipulation
  • Do some example and understand the difference between .equals() and == in String.
  • String Immutability
  • difference between String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer.
  • Overview of Collection
  • get some brief about ArrayList, LinkedList etc.
  • Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList.
in my opinion, these topics are well enough if you are a fresher and going for an Android developer.
If you are prepared with these topics, your selection probability will high than others.

that's all.


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