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 The Android 11 developer preview introduced a slew of new and exciting features, including 5G support, scoped storage, enhanced privacy and security, and more. Wireless debugging is one of my favorite features. It's a new way to deploy and debug your app without leaving your computer.

Requirements :

  • The device running with Android 11 or above
  • SDK platform-tools with version ≥ 30.0.0.
  • Same Wi-Fi network for Android device and your PC\Laptop

Wireless debugging

Wireless debugging : 

So it requires Two steps - 
  1. Pair your Device
  2. Connect your device

Android Debug Bridge allows you to deploy and debug your app wirelessly from your workstation (adb). You can, for example, deploy your debuggable programme to several remote devices without having to physically connect your device via USB and deal with complications like driver installation.
To use wireless debugging, you must use a pairing code to connect your device to your desktop. Your device and workstation must both be connected to the same wireless network. Follow these steps to connect to your device: Pairing Instructions:

-Go to the device Settings > Developer Options > Enable Wireless debugging

-Select Pair device with pairing code. (Currently, there are two options to pair it with your computer. Using a QR code or pairing a device using a six-digit code.), here talking about with code only.

Pairing Device

  1. On your workstation, update to the latest version of the SDK Platform-Tools.
  2. On the device, enable developer options.
  3. Enable the Wireless debugging option.
  4. On the dialog that asks Allow wireless debugging on this network?, click Allow.
  5. Select Pair device with pairing code. Take note of the pairing code, IP address, and port number displayed on the device (see the above image).
  6. On your workstation, open a terminal and navigate to android_sdk/platform-tools.
  7. Run adb pair ipaddr:port. Use the IP address and port number from step 5.
  8. When prompted, enter the pairing code that you received in step 5. A message should indicate that your device has been successfully paired.
   Enter pairing code: 482924
Successfully paired to [guid=adb-235XY]
  1. (For Linux or Microsoft Windows only) Run adb connect ipaddr:port. Use the IP address and port under Wireless debugging (see image below).

Wireless debugging

And Finally, if all is good you will see your device in your android studio.

You can also connect the android device with android studio with the help of a plugin check the below link -👇👇👇

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